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Meet Dr. Andy Pearle

Dr. Andrew D. Pearle is the Chief of the Sports Medicine Institute at the Hospital for Special Surgery and Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College.  He is a board-certified Orthopedic Surgeon, specializing in Sports Medicine.  Dr. Pearle's clinical interests include knee and shoulder surgery.  He is a Team Physician for the New York Mets and Rugby United New York, the NYC professional rugby team.  He is also former Editor-in-Chief of the Orthopedic Journal Techniques in Knee Surgery.  Dr. Pearle is internationally known for his pioneering work in ACL reconstruction and robotic knee surgery.

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We fix knees to restore an athletic lifestyle.  We believe athletic spirit lives within all of us and is essential for physical, mental, and spiritual health.  Whether your inner athlete comes out at the park, the gym, or the road; in the mountains, the water, on the ice or in the snow; on the diamond, the pitch, the court, the ring, or the field; whether with your friends, your teammates, your family, or on your own; in front of a couple fans or a couple million fans, we are here for you. 

When your knee is broken, overused, injured, or beat up, we are here to fix you.  We will get you back in the game.




To support the essential physical and mental health benefits of an active lifestyle and pursuit of athletic activity

by helping people with knee injuries safely engage in and/or return to an active lifestyle and the sports they love

To prevent injury, improve performance, and restore knee function in order to maintain active lifestyles

and participation in athletics for all age groups

To build on Dr. Pearle’s long tradition of pioneering innovation, excellence in research, and expert surgical treatment

to provide comprehensive knee care to all patients seeking to maintain an active lifestyle

A graduate of Amherst College and Stanford Medical School, Dr. Andrew Pearle completed training in orthopedic surgery and sports medicine at Hospital for Special Surgery. After 9/11, he traveled to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem during the height of the intifada to assist in the care of terror victims. While participating in this care, Dr. Pearle was inspired by the pioneering use of computer assisted surgery at Hadassah. "Hadassah surgeons modified Computer Assisted Surgery tools designed for the spine, and applied the technology to remove shrapnel," he recalls.

Dr. Pearle was recruited as an attending orthopedic surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery and was selected to develop one of the first Computer Assisted Surgery programs in the United States. Computer Assisted Surgery uses navigation, which is like a "GPS for orthopedic surgery," says Dr. Pearle, who is conducting research to bring these techniques from bench to bedside. Robotic surgery, which uses computer techniques to plan surgery and robotic tools to assist surgeons in the operating room, is an outgrowth of these techniques.

In 2007, Dr. Pearle performed the first robotic partial knee replacement in the New York region.  He has now performed thousands of these procedures and is the leading world expert in the use of robotic technology for partial and total knee replacement.

In addition to his responsibilities at HSS, Dr. Pearle is a team physician for the New York Mets and the head team physician Rugby United New York, the NYC professional rugby team.  Dr. Pearle has published almost 200 original manuscripts, and is a prominent national and international speaker on emerging techniques to improve knee surgery.  

Dr. Pearle is a Professor of Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University.  His faculty appointment recognizes Academic Achievement and Scholarship in the area of excellence in Clinical Expertise and Innovation.  Specifically, this academic achievement recognizes his ongoing research and scholarship, particularly in the field of ACL Reconstruction and Partial Knee Replacement. 

Dr. Pearle has been elected to be a member of the ACL Study Group, an international group of ACL experts who meet biannually to discuss issues and innovations in ACL surgery.  He holds numerous patents and has developed many novel techniques, as well as devices, for knee surgery. 


Prior to being named Chief of the Sports Medicine Institute at HSS, Dr. Pearle was the Medical Director for HSS Westchester and was instrumental in the development of the  facility.  He remains committed to fostering comprehensive, convenient, and quality care to his community. 


Dr. Pearle lives in Rye, NY, with his wife and four children.  He has coached youth tackle football for the Rye Town Youth Football League for the past five years.  

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