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Total Knee Replacement

Dr. Andrew Pearle specializes in sports and arthritic conditions of the knee. He is pioneering the use of computer navigation for total knee replacement. Dr. Pearle is Editor-in-Chief of the journal Techniques in Knee Surgery and has lectured extensively on techniques to customize knee replacement.

Dr. Pearle performs all his total knee replacements at the Hospital for Special Surgery, the #1 ranked orthopedic center in the country. Hospital for Special Surgery has the lowest infection rate and performs more knee replacements than any other center in the world. In addition, Hospital for Special Surgery has developed advanced protocols for pain management and rapid rehabilitation to guide you through the procedure. Finally, the nurses at Hospital for Special Surgery have earn the Magnet Award for Nursing Excellence and were the first in the State of New York to be re-designated with the Nursing's highest honor. In addition to Dr. Pearle's expertise, this world-class environment enhances the patient experience and outcome.

Dr. Pearle currently uses navigated custom jigs to optimize alignment and positioning of the knee replacement. He feels strongly that it is essential to get the knee "right" the first time and uses to latest technology to ensure quality control.

Dr. Pearle feels that patient education is essential for optimal outcome. The video above demonstrates the surgical technique for total knee replacement. If considering surgery, please view the animation. Please also read through the Frequently Asked Questions, Risks, and other related information on the section to the right.

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