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129 Days After Robotic Partial Knee Replacement

If Dr. Haas, who referred me to Dr. Pearle…and Dr. Pearle and the entire team were here…I would really tell them that I’m very grateful to them, because they gave me back the quality of life, the quality of the daily life I had lost. Forget about skiing altogether. The quality of life. You are able to walk, not thinking about your knee. Because…before, even walking, I had pain. So I would tell them thank you so much, you changed my life. You brought life back to me. And I’ll be always indebted to you ”

Nicos has been competing with the Greek National Water Skiing Team since he was 14-years old until in the 1970's, he sustained a jumping injury on his right knee that led to surgery. His condition never improved and he had to stop skiing, and he was extremely sad that the life of skiing may be over. Years later, his condition worsened to the point where he could barely walk up steps or even up a small hill. A friend in NY then made him an appointment with Dr. Steven Haas at HSS, who saw that he didn't need total knee replacement, but was a perfect candidate for robotic assisted partial knee replacement. Dr Hass then referred him to Dr. Andrew Pearle.

Nicos was impressed with the care and involvement the hospital makes to inform the patient. “In many cases the doctors in other places or countries, they don’t tell you all these details...I thought I would have a lot of pain after the operation. And the third day I took only one painkiller. Can you believe that? One. It’s unbelievable.”

Nicos had an amazing recovery. On a follow-up visit, Dr. Pearle told Nicos he could return to skiing. He started training and competed in just over 4 months after surgery. “Everybody was amazed. How can this guy, after 4 months, he can ski in a competition and with this result. And I was thrilled, of course.” Nicos was more than thrilled to get back to what he loved doing.

Nicos Frangistas

Athens, Greece

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Dr. Pearle and Nicki performed a partial right knee replacement in March of 2013. Outstanding positive results were apparent immediately, so why did I wait so long to write a testimonial? One of the answers is that I thought it might be helpful to have a longer "test drive" to report results, and another answer is that I am having so much fun with my repaired knee that I am busy with work and play. My life has always been full of physical acitivity having competed at a national level in swimming until age 20, and then walking on a Division I golf team as a junior at the University of Florida. Adulthood did not slow me down with snow and water skiing, golf, running, weight lifting and playing with my children until multiple ski accidents accumulated such that I had no cartilage remaining in the inside capsuel of my right knee. It got to a point that crossing a street was incredibly painful which compromised my posture and large muscle groups, creating all sorts of body issues. It is with enormous joy that I am back in FULL swing with lots of golf, open water swimming, skiing etc., in addtion to full time work.

Next year I plan to race in several triathalon relays as the swim leg with my Ironman daughters. Life is good, thanks to Dr. Pearle and Nicki! 

M. Robbins

Darien, CT

As a New York Times a bestselling author I've come across many personalities. As a sports agent I've negotiated deals with owners and have handled varying degrees of severity of player injuries. Dr. Pearle lives up to his billing as a renowned young orthopedic surgeon. In the spring of 2014 at age 41 I had shattered my ACL during a NYAC squash tournament. Spring training was around the corner. My company hinged on my recovery. Within a few days of my injury I was being operated on by Dr. Pearle. What his resume didn't tell me first hand was that his bedside manner matched his surgical expertise.

Dr. Pearle takes the complexity of reconstructive ACL surgery and makes it understandable to all. More importantly I had overcome a life threatening illness as a child which complicated surgery because of anesthesia precautions. Dr. Pearle immediately took my history as seriously as I did and I felt as if I was in God's best hands every step of the way. My recovery process has matched that of my clients. I owe my newfound hope and recovery to Dr. Pearle. Thanks Andy! 

Burton Rocks

New York, NY

I am a 42 year old mom, who suffered permanent damage at the hands of another surgeon. After 7 years of having enough pain and suffering, I found Dr. Pearle on the internet. I visited with him, told him my story and he decided to take a chance on my condition and perform a Cartilage Transplant. Most doctors wouldn't even touch me never mind perform surgery. I am 6 months post op and my knee is like brand new.

Dr. Pearle has given me back part of my life. I couldn't imagine seeing anyone else! Dr. Pearle is not only a wonderful Surgeon, he is a wonderful caring person.

L. Anastasio

Greenwood Lake, NY

After years of limited mobility and pain I reluctantly agreed to a partial knee replacement (makoplasty). At age 54 this was my first surgery and I didn't know what to expect.


Dr. Pearle and his staff explained in great detail what to expect before, during and after surgery so that there were no surprises. Looking back I admit if I had known what I know now I would have done it much sooner. Thanks to Dr. Pearle my recovery was much easier than I had anticipated, 3 days later I was grocery shopping !


As far as I am concerned there aren't enough positive adjectives to describe Dr. Pearle. Aside from being a highly skilled surgeon, he's a kind and considerate person with a top notch professional staff who go well above and beyond.


Consider me his #1 cheerleader!!! 

Denise H

Brooklyn, NY

Recently I had a partial right knee replacement performed by Dr. Andrew Pearle. I would like to take this opportunity to praise and thank Dr. Pearle's expert skill and his Physician Assistant for the outstanding result of my surgery and the excellent care I received at Hospital for Special Surgery.


Before the operation my right knee was constantly locking while performing my duties as an operating room nurse which required the activities of walking , standing, lifting and always on my feet, and the pain was unbearable. Since having the operation my quality of life has improved dramatically. I was able to return to ambulatory status within a few weeks of the operation and started physical therapy immediately thereafter. Presently I am able to walk without the assistance of a cane and do not have any pain in my right knee.

I was reluctant to have the surgery before because of the fear of losing part of my knee in exchange for an implant but now my fears have turned to joy with the excellent results and wondered why I waited in pain for so long. According to Dr. Pearle the key to a successful result and the longevity of the implant at my age is to lose weight, eat healthy and diligently perform low impact exercise, like walking or stationary bike to mention a few exercise, which I am presently doing.

The staff at the hospital was excellent during my stay and the physical therapists are knowledgeable and caring. My whole experience has been beyond expectations, with the results and the level of care I received at Hospital for Special Surgery. From the Operating Room staff to my anesthesiologist , PACU nursing staff, to the care and attention I received from the wonderful floor Nurses to nursing assistants I thank them all. Again thank you for the awesome treatment and excellent care I received at Hospital for Special Surgery. God bless you all for your dedication.


New York, NY

Several times a week, my husband and I exercise mobility on a treadmill at New York Sports Club. I walk about a mile at a good pace every time, and smilek to myself because I still maintain the highest respect and honor to Dr. Andrew Pearle. The computerized robotic surgery he performed on me for a partial knee replacement was extraordinary!! In my eyes, Dr. Pearle is one of the finest doctors in the country. Thanks to Dr. Andrew Pearle I can go forward and endire the joy of living life pain free in my knee. I am now 75 years of age and still feel a tremendous amount of gratitude to Dr. Andrew Pearle for his innovative surgical expertise, as well as his gracious demeanor.

Dolores T, Flushing

New York

Dr. Andrew Pearle gave me a new lease on life; I'm walking and active again, but without pain. He is an extraordinary doctor in more than his expertise; he demonstrates great humanity.

Edward B, Quogue

New York

March of 2012 I had a Patello Femoral Replacement (pfr) with Makoplasty with Dr. Pearel in NY. I am a healthy and very active 45 year old male who has been a gym rat his whole life and I live in Pennsylvania. I love basketball, tennis, playing sports with my 2 boys and lifting weights. When I was 20 yrs. old, I crashed my motorcycle and broke my patella and then re-broke it a year and a half later playing basketball. I rehabbed again and continued to play basketball hard (4-5 days per week) for the next 20 till I was grade 4 (no cartridge under my knee cap) in my knee and then life became a bit difficult to manage being active and keeping up with my 10 and 9 year old boys.


I have visited numerous docs over the years and received numerous suggestions on what to do with my knee. I never followed any of the suggestions thank god but I had a few scope clean outs over the years. My knee ran its course and basically had nothing left, so I needed to find a solution to satisfy myself. I researched pfr for about 3 years before making up my mind to do it then I searched the entire country for the doc I wanted to do the procedure - location was not a issue. After a ton of research and a few consults I decided on Dr. Pearle in NY.


March 15th I had the procedure and I stayed at Hospital for Special Surgery for 3 nights. I will tell you the first few weeks were not easy to manage the pain, but well worth it in the long run. Now you must understand I am a rule breaker. I was driving within a week and back to work in 2 weeks. Maintaining swelling was always an issue. I traveled with my life saving ice machine, a cooler of ice that attaches to a wrap for your knee - cost about $150 and worth every penny. The ice basically lasted me the entire day. I initially started right home PT right away and then 3 weeks later i went to out patient PT. PT was so important to my recovery. The first place I went to was great with building strength but not too good at achieving range of motion back. I switched to another PT and within a a week I had completely full range of motion back. I can now touch my heel of my foot to my buttocks with ease, just as I used to be able to do.


This surgery was a life changer for me. At 3-4 months out I started doing Spin cycle class at my gym with a friend of mine. Of course I hit the advanced class right away. I am over 7 months post surgery now and I have absolutely no pain or discomfort. I am very careful with my knee, I focus on light weight training 3 times per week on my knee, 2-3 spin classes per week, stretching everyday and soon to start yoga and I plan to return to tennis in a few months. I love my new knee and my increase activity level (non impact of course) and especially being pain free again, I fear no steps anymore.


Dr Pearle was personally tremendous to me during the process. I live in PA, so I could not just show up in NY for any issues. I did have some initial pain issues and Dr. Pearle's staff gave me his personal cell number, I called him and had a phone conversation while he was in Florida with the Mets at spring training. What other doc would give you his cell number? Dr. Pearle's staff is just out of this world especially Jillian. I personally called facilities all over the country asking questions about different docs wanting to know about there experience, how long they have been doing Mako and how many Mako's they have done. Amazingly enough most places would not give me that information. That information was so vital to my decision making process. I surly didn't want a doc who just got Mako and did 3 procedures working on me, not saying the doc is not good at what he/she does but I was looking for the most experienced doc with Mako. If you read the stats from Mako directly it says the docs with the most Mako procedures have the lowest failure rates, enough said for me. Jillian gave me any info I wanted on Dr. Pearle. Maybe because it is easy with him because he does more Mako's than anyone else does. If I email Jillian, I guarantee the same day she will email me or call me back. Dr. Pearlel's experience had me at the door but Jillian was the closer for me. I always hate the docs if you have a question you have to make an appt. to see them, who has time for that? Dr. Pearle's office is all about customer service in my opinion. I own my own small business and if I could staff my entire customer service dept. with all Jillian's I would work less and life would be amazing.


Thank you Dr. Pearle and Jillian for making my experience go smoothly just like my knee now.

J. Hensinger

Coopersburg, PA

Given my family history, a diagnosis of osteoarthritis of the knee was not unexpected, but it was not something I was prepared for in my mid-forties. By the time I followed-up on an earlier referral to Dr. Andrew Pearle at The Hospital for Special Surgery, the non-surgical treatment options I had tried were ineffective for coping with the excruciating pain I was experiencing. The final straw for me was when I realized that I was in pain from the moment my right foot hit the floor in the morning. In fact, I was often in pain lying in bed. I went from an active, urban lifestyle to dreading my four block walk to the bus stop. Subways were no longer an option because the stairs in the subway stations were more than I could handle.


Dr. Pearle reviewed my x-rays and MRI and spoke to me about performing a unicompartmental knee replacement. He was very realistic about the recovery time as well as the expectation of needing a total knee replacement in the future - but hopefully 20 years from now. I was very nervous and expressed my concerns that I had heard that partial knee replacements never worked. That revisions and/or total knees were the inevitable outcome. Dr. Pearle answered my questions honestly and mentioned the number of partial knee replacements he performs a year (150-200) as well as the advances that have been made using robotics. I came to the conclusion that anything was better than the pain I was experiencing and I was excited by the prospect of returning to normal activities fairly quickly.


My surgery was performed on April 14, 2012. The care and treatment I received at the Hospital for Special Surgery were exemplary. I returned home 2 days after my surgery, and while my mobility was limited for the first several days, the pain was never unbearable and I knew that the outcome would be positive. My PT progressed beyond expectations and I realized after day 10 that I was in much less pain going about my daily activities than I had been before. In fact, I barely needed Motrin after day 3.


I am happy to say that I am 4 months post-op and have my life back. I just completed a 32 mile bike ride through my hometown of Poughkeepsie, NY and am attaching a photo of myself paddle boarding on the Delaware River in PA. Neither activity would have been possible this time last year. I am spinning several days a week and swimming 7+ miles a week.


Thank you Mako for making this possible. Thank you Dr. Pearle for allowing me to "live my life." 
I am forever grateful.

M. Ryan

Sunnyside, NY

Dr. Pearle did a partial replacement on my right knee in early June 2010 and my left knee in late August. These surgeries changed my life because they made it possible for me to start exercising again after I had gained about 30 pounds due to pain-related inactivity. Now I regularly walk up to ten miles at a time, several times a week, without pain or discomfort. My weight is back down to where it was before I started having knee problems. Not bad for a guy who just turned 65! But it wouldn't have been possible without the procedures done by Dr. Pearle. 

G. McKenzie

New York, NY

One year and one day ago my 16 year old daughter under went left knee ACL reconstruction. Dr. Pearle performed an amazing surgery. My daughter's recovery from her injury was remarkable, undoubtably due to Dr. Pearle's expert hands. His staff was welcoming and very helpful, always providing the information I needed with ease. Thank you all for making a stressful situation bearable! She is now a starter on her high school basketball team and doing well. Many thanks!

D. Enile

Brooklyn, New York

I am a very energetic sculptor who enjoys good health. My knees starting becoming arthritic and made it difficult for me to walk with ease or stand for hours sculpting . Dr Pearle's excellent surgery gave me back the physical capabilities I had lost and I am deeply grateful.

S. Fink

New York, NY

After being referred to Dr. Pearle thru a client/friend who saw when I was"walking" into his office, he said you must go see him. His son was seen by Dr. Pearle and his suggestion was not to operate. After being told that I was a candidate for a partial knee replacement, I scheduled the operation. March 15, 2012 was the day. For the 1st ever visit and stay in a hospital at the age of 63, it was far beyond my expectations. It was professionally handled from my entrance to exit.


As far as Dr. Pearle, he was warm, explained everything that was going to occur from operation to recovery in great depth for the layman to understand.


I can't say enough about his demeanor, ability, kindness and that includes his staff.


Thank you again for changing my life.

S. Sklover

Williston Park, NY

After arthroscopic surgery in 1995 to repair medial meniscus damage followed in recent years by a series of Euflexxa injections, my left knee deteriorated to a medial bone on bone condition. Playing golf and even walking long distances became problematic. As a former college athlete and coach, I wanted a solution that preserved the greatest possible knee flexibility, mobility, and normal functionality. Through extensive research and multiple doctor consultations covering partial to total knee replacements, I selected Dr. Pearle to complete a partial knee replacement utilizing the minimally invasive MAKOplasty procedure which preserves the ACL and PCL leading to a more post operative stable knee.


My surgery was completed on June 21, 2012 and I was walking with assistance that night. During my day and half stay at the hospital I progressed from walking with a walker to walking unassisted with a cane. My pain was minimal and knee flexibility was beyond my wildest expectation. At my initial out patient PT examination, the therapist was amazed at the lack of swelling, range of motion, strength, and overall flexibility of my knee. Within five days of surgery I was walking without a cane and was able to resume normal activities. After five weeks I began my return to golf with no complications.


Dr. Pearle and his staff provided outstanding care from my initial visitation, through surgery at HSS, to my two post operative visits. At each step Dr. Pearle and his P.A. Nicole Fein took the time to thoroughly explain the procedure and the recovery process as well as answer all of my questions about returning to athletic activities. In today's fast paced world where everything moves too quickly governed by mountains of paper work, it is truly remarkable for a doctor and his staff to spend as much time as necessary with a patient to fully explain a procedure and answer every question. Now that six weeks have passed since my surgery, I am able to play 27 holes of golf three times a week! Thank you Dr.Pearle. 

R. Daddio

Huntington, NY

April 2012


Like many I was frightened about knee surgery and so lived many years with extreme discomfort and restrictions on activities. When I heard about computer and robot-assisted partial knee replacements, I did some research and set up a meeting with Dr. Pearle. Other than giving up smoking over 35 years ago, it was the best health decision I ever made. After the surgery, I was mobile in a few days and fully recovered in 4 weeks. While I did take some pain medication, I was essentially pain free from day one. I am looking forward to have my other knee done in a few months.


September 2012


My other knee was done 3 weeks ago. I was fully mobile within days and again essentially pain free. Last weekend I went to the beach and also took walking tour at an historical site. Six months ago I would have done neither.


All I can say is, if anyone has knee and pain lives with it because of the fear of a full replacement, there may now be an alternative. Don't wait but make sure to see a doctor, like Dr. Pearle, that does both partial and full knee replacements rather than one who only does full replacements (as Mark Twain said, "If you have a hammer in your hand, everything looks like a nail.") My guess is that many people will find that a partial knee replacement is the correct procedure and instead of 4-6 months on rehab, they will finish rehab in 4-6 weeks, with significantly less discomfort during the rehabilitation. I have already referred a friend who had one full replacement and was about to schedule a full on the other knee. He is now scheduled to have a partial.

E. McDougal

Rockville Centre, NY

I am 82, prior to my operation I could not walk without limping. 2/23/12 day of my partial knee replacement. 5/5/12 day I started playing tennis again. at first I was tentative about my knee, but as the weeks passed I began to not even think about my knee. 8/21/12 dr. pearle's office checked me out. they said I can go skiing this winter. that made my day,thanks dr. pearle and to mako surgery and hss.

A. Florin

Southampton, NY

I suffered for 3 years with extreme knee pain from a torn meniscus. After visiting 3 orthopedic surgeons, and undergoing multiple shots and therapy sessions, each advised a full knee replacement. After searching the internet I found Dr. Andrew Pearle, who before anything suggested an MRI to find out if I would be a candidate for a robotic mako-plasty surgery. After viewing the results, Dr. Pearle advised me I was a candidate. I was walking with a walker the same night of my surgery, and was home after 2 days and walking without assistance. Recovery, to me, was unbelievable as I was playing golf after 4 weeks. Dr. Pearle was compassionate and unpretentious throughout, and I cannot thank him enough.

W. Salvaggio

Rockville Centre, NY

Dr. Pearle performed robotic partial knee replacement on a Saturday. I left the hospital the next day. Three days after surgery, the home nurse service came to register me for a nurse and physical therapy. That nurse told me that I didn't need a nurse and that I was way beyond what the in house PT would do - she said I walked better then she did! Two weeks after surgery I played 18 holes of golf! I was driving my car within five days of the operation. I rode my Harley within three weeks and on the fourth week, I had my mountain bike on the road. I was in the gym after 6 days. The partial knee is the only way to go if that is an option. I'm very happy I found Dr. Pearle. I'm doing everything I've always done except now I do it without pain.

P. Ciccone

New Windsor, NY

 I am a 70 year old dentist and I was ready to give up my profession due to severe knee pain. Then I found Dr. Pearle. The outcome is perfect! The partial knee replacement is as close to the real knee as it can be. I should know, as I previously underwent a total knee replacement on my other knee and there is just no comparison. Thank you so much!

Patient C.I.

Forest Hills, NY

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