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Virtual Conference

Now providing comprehensive care for you remotely.

Soccer Tricks


Reduce Injuries
Improve Performance

Free, app-delivered neuromuscular training that builds athletic strength, agility, and control when accelerating, stopping on a dime, cutting, jumping and landing for athletes ages 13+.


Four 7-minute sessions per week.
No special equipment.
No disruption to practice schedules.

Neuromuscular training programs can dramatically reduce the risk of injury while simultaneously building better athletes.

Track Screen_AP (1).png
MyHealthTrack App

MyHealthTrack is a Digital Recovery Partner designed for our partial knee replacement and ACL patients.  In order to provide additional education and support along your recovery journey, we've just released this app that remotely guides you through an optimized care plan experience.  The app provides goals, daily to-do's, doctor's tips, home exercises and encouragement. 

Telehealth Appointments

We continue to offer Telehealth appointments with Dr. Pearle and his clinical team.  Once you schedule your virtual visit, you will be sent an email from MyHSS with instructions on how to enroll.  All you need to do is register and download the Zoom app.  It’s very easy and takes little time! 


Call our office at (212) 774-2878 to schedule an appointment.

For more information on Telehealth Providers and HSS, visit HSS Virtual Care.

If you are having technical difficulties, please contact the MyHSS Help Desk at (917) 260-4279.
Physical Therapy

There are several physical therapy options available to you, whether you are rehabbing an injury or recovering after surgery, we want to ensure you get the proper care.   

Dr. Pearle recommends BetterPT and PT Linked for all of your physical therapy needs.  Click the button below for more information on getting P/T when and where it's convenient for you.

Physical Therapy Session
Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Dr. Pearle recommends several types of bracing and support available for purchase online.  During your consult, the doctor will tell you if any DME options are a good fit for you and your diagnosis.   

Shoulder Procedures

Impingement Surgery
Shoulder Instability (Labral) Surgery
Biceps Surgery
Frozen Shoulder Surgery
AC Joint Surgery

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Patient Stories
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