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The HSS Care Advantage

Dr. Pearle performs all his robotic partial knee replacement procedures at the Hospital for Special Surgery, the #1 ranked orthopedic center in the country. Hospital for Special Surgery has the lowest infection rate and performs more knee surgeries than any other center in the world. With the help of the anesthesia and therapy teams at the Hospital for Special Surgery, Dr. Pearle has developed advanced protocols for pain management and rapid rehabilitation to guide you through the procedure. Finally, the nurses at Hospital for Special Surgery have earn the Magnet Award for Nursing Excellence and were the first in the State of New York to be re-designated with the Nursing's highest honor.

Lower Infection Rates

No other hospital in the state has a lower surgical site infection rate for hip replacement than HSS. Of the 169 hospitals included in the most recent New York State Department of Health report, only HSS had a statistically lower surgical site infection rate than the state average of 1.3 percent for hip replacement. Hospitals that performed the highest number of hip replacement procedures had the lowest infection rates, according to the report. And, no hospital in the world performs more joint replacement surgeries than Hospital for Special Surgery.

Excellence in Hospital Team Care

The hospital setting matters. For example, study out of Sweden demonstrated that there was a direct association between the number of partial knee replacements performed in the hospital and the revision rate. In this study, the greater the surgical volume of partial knee replacements performed, the lower the rate of revision(5). Surgical volume is one reason to choose Hospital for Special Surgery. No hospital in the world performs more joint replacement surgeries than HSS. We are truly experts at what we do. Because Hospital for Special Surgery is devoted exclusively to orthopedics, every one of our scientists, nurses, and therapists is a specialist in this field and aligned to provide the best possible care.

Advanced Pain Management

Anesthesiologists at Hospital for Special Surgery have dedicated themselves to perfecting the art and science of regional anesthesia.

Regional anesthetics have been associated with less post-operative pain and less nausea. More importantly, a lower incidence of blood clots, reduced blood loss, and a minimized stress response by the body have also been reported, which results in quicker recovery times.

Together with our nursing specialists, relieving pain is at the core of our practice at each level of care, including our Interventional Pain Management Division, Acute Pain Service, and Recuperative Pain Medicine Service. This standard is supported by our continued 99th percentile ranking across all peer groups in pain management satisfaction.

Rapid Rehabilitation

Our orthopedic rehabilitation specialists actually wrote the professional manual on the gold standards of orthopedic surgery rehabilitation. Often, the hospital’s proprietary Rapid Recovery program begins just hours after you’re wheeled out of the recovery room. Every PT at the hospital has advanced expert training in specific orthopedic recovery procedures, and our Magnet-recognized nurses are specialized in caring for musculoskeletal patients.

Patient Amenities and Concierge Services at the Hospital for Special Surgery

For patients and/or family members who need overnight accommodations, Hospital for Special Surgery’s Belaire Guest Facilities offer elegant and comfortable lodging. Conveniently located directly across from the Hospital on East 71st Street between the FDR and York Avenue, Belaire units can be used prior to hospital admission and beyond hospital discharge. If needed, interpreter services and wheelchairs are readily available. HSS Guest Facilities are in close proximity to the New York Presbyterian-Cornell Medical Center, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and Rockefeller University. Please call 212.606.1989 to make a reservation.

Special Features and Conveniences:

  • 24-hour concierge

  • Intercom to main lobby

  • Fully equipped kitchens/kitchenettes

  • Maid service

  • Underground parking

  • Cable television and telephone service

  • Access for handicapped persons

  • Within 25 miles of three major airports

Patient and Family Atriums

Our Patient and Family Atria are located on each of our surgical and procedure floors. Each area is staffed by patient liaisons and volunteer who will greet you and are available throughout the day to answer your questions. We aim to make your visit as comfortable as possible.


When you arrive, please check in at our reception desk. If you are accompanying a patient and would like to leave the area, please leave a contact phone number with our liaison staff.

For your comfort and convenience, our Atria offer:
Complimentary coffee, tea and snacks
Computers with free internet access
Free Wi-Fi
Newspapers and magazines
Vending machines
Pyramid Cafe (4th floor and lobby)

Belaire Café
525 East 71st Street
New York, NY 10021

The Belaire Café located on the plaza level in the Belaire Building, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and is open Monday to Friday from 6:45am - 6:00pm to outpatients and visitors.

Language and Communication Services

To ensure your best clinical experience, HSS provides free-of-charge medical interpretation, key document translations, and communication assistance and devices. When you register for HSS Services, you will be asked your language of preference, and offered language/communication assistance. Language services are also available to assist applicants for financial aid. Learn more about HSS Language Services.

International Center

The International Center facilitates access to all Hospital services and assures a comfortable stay for all international patients. For more information, please call the International Center at 212.606.1186 or send an email to

Domestic Travelers

The HSS Coast to Coast (C2C) Program is committed to helping patients traveling from out of the area seeking our care. Our team is dedicated to helping you during your visit by ensuring that you and your family are comfortable and that your concerns are addressed. For more information, please call 212.606.1610 or send an email to

Patient and Family Discount Card

Please ask for a complimentary Patient and Family Discount Card which entitles you to a discount at participating local restaurants. They are available in all of the Patient and Family Atria (1st, 4th, and 9th floors, as well as the 75th Street Special Procedures Unit). Please see the HSS Neighborhood Directory for special rates offered to patients and families at local hotels.

Patient Support Services


HSS provides support, information, advocacy, and assistance in accessing services to help you manage your arthritis and related conditions. We can also help you to better understand your options under Medicaid managed care.

Case Management: 

HSS has a team of certified social workers and registered nurses who assist patients from pre-admission to post-discharge.

Pastoral Care: 

To help meet our patients’ spiritual needs, HSS provides a Chaplaincy Service as an integral part of the health care team. The chaplains are here to serve you and your family. They are a multi-faith community dedicated to the spiritual care of all persons.

Patient Advocacy: 

HSS has a Patient Advocate available to assist you and your family with any questions or concerns about hospital care and services.

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