Appointment & Insurance Information

For Your Appointment:

If you require x-rays, please arrive 45 minutes before your scheduled appointment.  You will also be asked to complete your registration forms, found here.  We recommend that you complete and send these forms prior to your appointment.  Send to or fax to (212) 774-2798.

When you come for your appointments, please remember to bring the following:

Patient Checklist:

  1. Driver's license, State ID, or Passport​​

  2. Insurance card(s)

  3. Referral (only if your insurance plan requires one, most plans do not)

  4. Copies of recent radiology such as MRIs or CT scans (BOTH disc and report), and any previous operative records related to your injury

  5. Medications list (if any)

Very often during the course of your evaluation or treatment for an orthopedic condition we will require x-rays to determine the cause of a problem or to evaluate your progress.

Insurance Information:

Dr. Pearle participates in several insurance plans and is currently taking new patients. You may not have a choice in your health benefits, but you do have a choice in quality and the educated care that Dr. Pearle and his support staff provide. Even if Dr. Pearle is not an "in-network" provider, most patients are still able to see him in an "out of network" capacity. We are able to work with you and firmly believe financial roadblocks should not interfere with your choice of quality patient care.


When you call for an appointment, please have your insurance card readily accessible. We recommend all patients call their insurance company and speak with a representative to verify your benefits and whether Dr. Pearle is a participating provider in your plan.  Your insurance company can tell you this if you give them Dr. Pearle's NPI# 142 707 1778.




Patient Forms



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