A Digital Recovery Partner for Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

In order to provide additional education and support along your recovery journey, we've just released an app that remotely guides you through an optimized care plan experience.  The app provides goals, daily to do's, doctor's tips, home exercises and encouragement (see attached for more information).  Even if some time since your surgery, you can jump right into the post operative section and get started with our day by day recovery agenda.

To download the app search for "myhealthtrack" from the iPhone app store or Google Play store (for Android devices) or if you are reading this email from your phone, click one of the buttons below. 

Once you create a new account, select "For my own recovery".  When asked for a provider code, use prov_4699.  As this is a new tool, we'd greatly appreciate your feedback to continue to make the app as valuable as possible.  In the current COVID environment, we are moving toward a “limited exposure” model for our partial knee resurfacing procedures.  Let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.


Stay safe,

Andrew D Pearle, MD