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Biceps Surgery

As a fellowship trained sports medicine surgeon, Dr. Andrew Pearle has a special interest in treating both athletic and degenerative shoulder conditions. Dr. Pearle has been a team physician for the New York Mets organization for over a decade. Assisting in the care for hundreds of elite throwing athletes from both the major and minor league systems gives Dr. Pearle a unique perspective and expertise on shoulder injuries. Dr. Pearle performs all his surgeries at the Hospital for Special Surgery, the #1 ranked orthopedic center in the country.

Injury and inflammation to the long head of the biceps tendon is a very common cause of shoulder pain. The biceps muscle has two tendons; one of the tendons travels into the shoulder joint and attaches to the labrum. This tendon (called the long head of the biceps) often gets pinched and injured with shoulder motion, particularly in throwers. Biceps tendinitis is common in overhead athletes but often occurs in non-throwers as well. Surgery to move the biceps tendon (or release it in some cases) can be an excellent option if conservative treatment measures fail. While Dr. Pearle takes pride in returning throwers to the mound, he gains equal satisfaction in relieving chronic shoulder pain that impacts simple activities like reaching overhead or getting a good night sleep.

Dr. Pearle feels strongly that patient education is essential for optimal outcome. Please read through the Frequently Asked Questions, Risks, and other related information on the section to the right.

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