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About Cementless Partial Knee Replacement 

Dr. Pearle is proud to have helped develop the only FDA approved cementless Partial Knee Replacement available in the US.  Starting in the summer of 2020, Dr. Pearle will offer this treatment option for patients who are interested in returning to higher impact activities.

The advantage of a cement-free approach is that a biologic interface can be created between the bone and the implant that may not be as prone to deteriorate over time. 

This unique implant, called the Engage Partial Knee System, has been optimized for outpatient surgery.  In addition to creating a biologic bone/implant interface, cementless strategies reduce the operative time and minimize the need for a tourniquet.  

The video below demonstrates the surgical technique for the Engage Partial Knee Replacement.  Please call our office for more information on the Engage Implant or visit the Engage Surgical website.
Engage Implant_photo.png
Dr. Pearle's Recent Publications on Cementless Knee Replacement
Preliminary Results of a Novel Cementless UKR System


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Other Publications on Cementless Knee Replacement

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