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Patient Stories - Total Knee Anchor
Shoulder Procedures

When I visited Dr. Pearle, I had already been through 3 total joint replacements - both hips and my left knee. Osteoarthritis continued to give me pain and range of motion issues in both of my shoulders. My visit to Dr. Pearle was to address my shoulder issues; and after consultation, we decided that total shoulder replacements were in order. We did my left shoulder first and approximately a year and a half later, Dr. Pearle performed a total shoulder replacement on my right shoulder. As a result of both total shoulder replacements, I am now free of pain and I have very close to normal range of motion. At the time, I knew of people who had hip and knee replacements, but had not heard of any shoulder replacements, so I was somewhat concerned. Dr. Pearle's manner and personality gave me the comfort that I needed to move ahead with the surgeries. The results are simply phenomenal. I am back to normalcy as if I had no arthritis issues whatsoever. Both surgeries went without any problem and I can attribute my phenomenal result to only Dr. Pearle. There have been very few doctors I have seen in my life - perhaps only one other - that have had the simply "regular guy" personality that puts the patient at ease. This is a doctor at the top of his game both surgically and personally. Just as important is his staff, led by practice manager Jillian Clyburn, who round out patient treatment that is second to none. I have one normal major joint in my body remaining - my right knee - and there is no one else who I would let treat any issues with that knee, besides Dr. Pearle. He is a gem in a city of millions and I can only be thankful that he chose to practice at Hospital for Special Surgery.

V. Siegel

Marlboro, NJ

I am a 46 year old man who was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in my left shoulder several years ago. At first, the pain was manageable and my range of motion about 90% of normal. However, within 3 years, the pain became severe, I was unable to sleep and use of my arm became very limited. My range of motion had dropped below 50% and the strength in my arm was fading rapidly. I had consulted with 3 other orthopedists prior to meeting Dr. Pearle. My first visit to his office was amazing. The staff was very friendly and Dr. Pearle immediately exceeded my expectations. His kind and caring demeanor put me at ease and his patience to answer to my numerous questions was reassuring. I needed a full shoulder replacement and the thought of it terrified me. After another visit to Dr. Pearle to ask even more questions, I decided to move ahead and have the surgery at the end of April. Dr. Pearle did an excellent job preparing me for each step of the procedure and post-op recovery. I knew what to expect, from suture removal through physical therapy, and there never were any surprises. That in and of itself was so important to my recovery.


I am now 13 weeks post-op and feeling great. There is no pain, I am sleeping comfortably and uninterrupted and my range of motion is up to 80%. I am still doing my physical therapy regularly and I expect to have full range of motion back within the next few weeks. I am confident that in a relatively short period of time I will be able to golf and swim like I did before my arthritis diagnosis. I am so grateful to Dr. Pearle for restoring my life and giving me my arm back. Thank you! 

P. Coscia

Old Bridge, NJ

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