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Meniscus Surgery

As a fellowship trained sports medicine surgeon, Dr. Pearle has a special interest in advancing the care of athletic and degenerative knee injuries. Dr. Pearle is the former Editor-in-Chief of the journal Techniques in Knee Surgery and a team physician for the New York Mets. Dr. Pearle performs all of his surgeries at the Hospital for Special Surgery, the #1 ranked orthopedic center in the country.

The menisci of the knee are two pads of fibrocartilage that help cushion the joint. Two common causes of a meniscus tear are traumatic injuries (often seen in athletes) and overuse, degenerative injuries (often seen in older athletes and people). Meniscus injuries often occur along with other knee injuries, and are almost always present in the setting of knee arthritis.

Meniscus surgery is often required to treat the tear and is the most common procedure performed by Dr. Pearle. Because of his expertise, Dr. Pearle is often invited to discuss meniscus injuries for the news media.

Dr. Pearle feels strongly that patient education is essential for optimal outcome. The videos below demonstrate surgical techniques for meniscus trimming and meniscus repair. Dr. Pearle always attempts to preserve as much meniscus as possible in all his procedures.

If considering surgery, please view the appropriate animation. Please also read through the Frequently Asked Questions, Risks, and other related information on the section to the right.

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